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Matt Bejang
Matt Bejang

Alien Breed 3 Descent ((NEW)) Cracked

Lombaxes are feline-like humanoid aliens possessing large heads, hands, and feet, as well as pointed ears. His coat has been seen to have color palettes ranging from Ratchet's yellow coat with brown stripes, to Alister Azimuth's white coat with maroon stripes, to Rivet's light bluish-white coat, with dove blue stripes. This fur can also resemble facial hair, as seen on Azimuth's mutton chops. Lombaxes are also sexually dimorphic with female lombaxes possessing breasts, can grow hair (as seen with Angela's ponytail), and lacks a tail (except for Rivet who has a bushy tail, being of another dimension or a different breed of lombax), while male lombaxes have tufted tails similar to lions.

alien breed 3 descent cracked



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