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Matt Bejang
Matt Bejang

AST 2 - Always Shoot Twice Torrent

The camera has a nice flip-out LCD screen, which is very sharp, bright even in sunlight, and seems to be incredibly color accurate. The same goes for the built in EVF, which is really sharp and easy to focus with. While shooting, I would almost always use the EVF because it produced such a vivid image.

AST 2 - Always Shoot Twice torrent

Until the Turning Point ends or it makes a shooting attack, each of your operatives are always treated as having a Conceal order if within Triangle/1 inch of a terrain feature and more than Pentagon/6 inches from whomever is doing their activation (so mostly, enemy operatives), meaning that it ignores the effects of Vantage Point and similar conditions. Great for sneaking everyone up the board.


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