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Kids Joke Books On Amazon Com

Children will love these twelve joke books. Both they and their friends will be cracking up for hours. Another great thing is that joke books are a wonderful way to get reluctant readers reading and actually enjoying themselves! Grab some of these joke books to get your kids reading and laughing today.

kids joke books on amazon com

This is a favorite amongst kid-friendly joke books. Not only does it include over 800 jokes, but it also teaches kids to write their own jokes! Help kids branch out from the same knock-knock jokes with this awesome book.

If you are looking for children's joke & riddle books, look no further! With interactive fun for the whole family, this fantastic book will keep your child both entertained and engaged for longer than you thought possible. They will enhance their critical thinking skills with the riddles and then become the funniest kids in their classes with funny jokes!

Add this corny collection of dad jokes to your hah-larious joke books collection, as it is perfect for getting laughs. It is organized by month, and with over 365 jokes, it has one for every day of the year. Another interesting thing is it explains the history of the dad joke, something we're all dying to know!

This is a joke book kids will love, as it is filled with silly, corny relatable jokes. Written for ages five and up, children will be sharing these laugh-out-loud jokes with their classmates, family, and teachers. And for an added bit of fun, they can push the "laugh button" after every joke!

With over 1700 jokes, riddles, and puns, this claims to be the biggest joke book for kids you will find! (However, number 7 in our list is even bigger!) From knock-knock jokes to animal jokes to "why did the chicken cross the road" jokes, this extensive book covers every possible category of jokes you (or your child) can think of!

We all want our kids to have fun while also learning, and this joke book does just that. This is not just a book of nonsense, but instead, the jokes included within also teach children about things like science, geography, and even food! It also includes wonderful illustrations for visual humor!

It's Laugh O'Clock Joke Book: Christmas Edition is different from other jokes and riddle books that we have written. It is not meant to be listened to alone, but instead it is a game to be played with siblings, friends, family, or between two people that would like to prove who is a better comedian. Time to see who has the funny bone in the family! 350c69d7ab


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