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Aerofly Pro Deluxe 111 Crack

Aerofly Pro Deluxe 111: A Review of the RC Flight Simulator

Aerofly Pro Deluxe (AFPD) is a realistic and immersive RC flight simulator that offers a wide range of models, sceneries, and features for both beginners and experts. It is developed by Ikarus, a German company that specializes in RC simulation software. AFPD was released in 2007 as an upgrade to the previous version, Aerofly Professional (AFP). It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems.


Models and Sceneries

AFPD boasts over 150 models of planes, helicopters, gliders, jets, and multicopters. The models are designed with high-quality graphics and realistic physics. They can be customized with different colors, decals, and settings. Some of the models include famous aircrafts such as the F-16, the Spitfire, the Extra 300, and the Edge 540. AFPD also supports user-made models that can be downloaded from various websites .

AFPD offers over 40 sceneries of different locations around the world. The sceneries are based on real photos and feature dynamic lighting, shadows, and reflections. They range from simple fields and parks to complex cities and landscapes. Some of the sceneries include the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon, the Alps, and the Eiffel Tower. AFPD also supports user-made sceneries that can be downloaded from various websites .

Features and Functions

AFPD has many features and functions that enhance the simulation experience. Some of them are:

  • Multiplayer mode: AFPD allows up to four players to fly together online or on a local network. The players can chat, race, or dogfight with each other.

  • Training mode: AFPD provides various tutorials and challenges that help beginners learn how to fly RC models. The training mode covers basic controls, aerobatics, landing, hovering, and more.

  • Recording and replaying: AFPD enables users to record and replay their flights. The recordings can be edited, saved, or exported as videos.

  • Telemetry and statistics: AFPD displays various data and graphs that show the performance and status of the models. The telemetry and statistics include speed, altitude, battery level, flight time, G-force, and more.

  • Interface and controller: AFPD has a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily access and adjust the settings and options. AFPD can be controlled with a keyboard, a mouse, a joystick, or a real RC transmitter. AFPD comes with a USB interface cable that connects any RC transmitter to the computer.


Aerofly Pro Deluxe 111 is a comprehensive and enjoyable RC flight simulator that appeals to both novices and experts. It has a large selection of models and sceneries that can be further expanded with user-made content. It has many features and functions that make the simulation realistic and fun. It is compatible with various operating systems and controllers. It is available for purchase from Ikarus website or from eBay.


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