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Zitije Hajduk Veljka Petrovica Pdf 11

Zitije Hajduk Veljka Petrovica Pdf 11

Zitije Hajduk Veljka Petrovica is a biographical epic written by Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, a famous Serbian linguist and reformer of the Serbian language. The epic tells the life story of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic, a legendary Serbian hero who fought in the First Serbian Uprising against the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century. The epic is based on historical facts and eyewitness accounts, and it praises the courage, generosity, and patriotism of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic.

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The epic consists of 11 chapters, each covering a different period of Hajduk Veljko's life. The chapters are as follows:

  • Chapter 1: The birth and childhood of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic.

  • Chapter 2: The first exploits of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic as a young rebel.

  • Chapter 3: The participation of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic in the Battle of Ivankovac, where he saved the life of Karadjordje, the leader of the uprising.

  • Chapter 4: The siege and defense of Negotin, where Hajduk Veljko Petrovic became the commander of the town and resisted the Ottoman attacks for three years.

  • Chapter 5: The friendship and cooperation of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic with the Russian army and officers, who came to help the Serbian rebels.

  • Chapter 6: The marriage of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic with Stana, a beautiful and brave woman who shared his love and hardships.

  • Chapter 7: The heroic deeds of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic in various battles and skirmishes with the Ottomans.

  • Chapter 8: The betrayal and capture of Karadjordje by the Ottomans, and the reaction of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic, who vowed to avenge his leader.

  • Chapter 9: The final battle of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic at Kuceviste, where he fought bravely until his death.

  • Chapter 10: The funeral and burial of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic, and the mourning of his widow Stana and his comrades.

  • Chapter 11: The legacy and memory of Hajduk Veljko Petrovic, who became a symbol of Serbian freedom and resistance.

The epic Zitije Hajduk Veljka Petrovica is considered one of the most important works of Serbian literature, as it preserves the historical and cultural heritage of the Serbian people. It also showcases the talent and skill of Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic, who wrote it in a clear and simple language, using the authentic folk expressions and idioms. The epic is available in PDF format online, for anyone who wants to read it and learn more about this remarkable Serbian hero.



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