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Matt Bejang
Matt Bejang

374 : Our Bodies Vanish! The Morning Sun Shines... !!INSTALL!!

She had scarcely locked the trunks when Pablo entered. He did not find out that his brothers had been there, however. Thenext morning Pablo went to his work, as usual. Marta had so much to do about the house that day, that she forgot all aboutPedro and Juan. The poor boys, deprived of air and food, died inside the trunks. Not until two days later did Marta thinkof the two humpbacks. She ran and opened the trunks, and found their dead bodies inside. Her next thought was how to disposeof them. At last a plan occurred to her. She called to her neighbor, and asked him to come bury one of her brothers-in-lawwho had just died in her house. She promised to pay him five pesos when he came back from his work.

374 : Our Bodies Vanish! The Morning Sun Shines...



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