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Burn The Fairy Tales: A Feminist Poetry Book by Adeline Whitmore

Burn The Fairy Tales is a poetry book by Adeline Whitmore, published in 2017. It is a collection of poems that challenge the traditional narratives of fairy tales and empower women to take control of their own stories. The book deals with themes such as love, loss, self-discovery, self-love, grief, and inspiration.

The book has received positive reviews from readers who praised its honesty, courage, and creativity. Some of the poems in the book are:

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  • Princess: A poem that encourages women to be their own heroes and not wait for a prince to save them.

  • Dragon: A poem that celebrates the strength and fierceness of women who face their fears and fight for their dreams.

  • Witch: A poem that embraces the magic and wisdom of women who are often misunderstood and persecuted by society.

  • Mermaid: A poem that explores the beauty and freedom of women who do not conform to the expectations and norms of others.

  • Beauty: A poem that redefines the concept of beauty and urges women to love themselves for who they are.

Burn The Fairy Tales is a poetry book that inspires women to rewrite their own stories and reclaim their power. It is a work of feminist self-empowerment for women and of understanding for men. You can find more information about the book and the author on [Goodreads] or [AbeBooks].


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