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Aşk-ı Memnu 69.Bölümde Bihter, Beşir'i Geri Getirerek Behlül'ü Huzursuz Ediyor

Askı Memnu 69: A Review of the Turkish Drama's Penultimate Episode


If you are a fan of Turkish dramas, you have probably heard of Askı Memnu, or Forbidden Love in English. This series, which aired from 2008 to 2010, was one of the most popular and successful shows in Turkey and abroad, attracting millions of viewers and winning several awards. But what makes Askı Memnu so captivating and addictive?

askı memnu 69

Askı Memnu tells the story of a wealthy businessman, Adnan Ziyagil, who marries a young and beautiful woman, Bihter Yöreoğlu, after losing his first wife. However, their marriage is not a happy one, as Bihter falls in love with Adnan's nephew, Behlül Haznedar, who lives with them in their mansion. Their forbidden affair leads to a series of dramatic events that affect not only their lives, but also those of their family members and servants.

In the previous episodes, we have witnessed how Bihter and Behlül's passion turned into obsession, how Adnan's daughter Nihal developed feelings for Behlül, how Adnan's loyal servant Cemile discovered their secret, how Bihter's mother Firdevs schemed to protect her daughter's reputation, and how Beşir, another servant who knows everything, tried to expose them. The tension and suspense reached a climax in episode 69, which was the penultimate episode of the series. Let's take a look at what happened in this episode and what it means for the characters and the story.

Summary of Episode 69

Bihter's hopes are shattered by Behlül and Nihal's relationship

Bihter's hopes of winning back Behlül are shattered by the signs that he and Nihal have started a real relationship. She hears Nihal confessing her love for Behlül to her brother Bülent, she sees them holding hands and kissing in the garden, she finds out that they have gone out together without telling anyone. Bihter feels betrayed and humiliated by both of them, especially by Nihal, who used to be like a sister to her.

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Bihter seeks refuge in her mother and tries to hurt Behlül

Bihter seeks refuge in her mother Firdevs, who has returned from her trip abroad. She tells her everything that has happened and asks for her advice. Firdevs tells her to forget about Behlül and focus on her marriage with Adnan. She also warns her not to do anything rash that might ruin her reputation or her happiness. However, Bihter is not willing to give up so easily. She decides to hurt Behlül by making him jealous and angry. She flirts with other men in front of him, she tells him that she is pregnant with Adnan's child, she accuses him of being a coward and a liar.

Behlül decides to stay away from Bihter and commit to Nihal

Behlül is hurt and confused by Bihter's behavior. He still loves her, but he also feels guilty and responsible for Nihal. He decides to stay away from Bihter and commit to Nihal. He tells Nihal that he wants to marry her as soon as possible and asks for her father's permission. He also tells Bihter that he is done with her and that she should leave him alone.

Bihter causes tension in the mansion by firing Cemile and bringing back Beşir

Bihter causes tension in the mansion by firing Cemile, the loyal servant who has been working for Adnan's family for years. She accuses Cemile of stealing money from her and of being disrespectful to her. She also brings back Beşir, the servant who knows about her affair with Behlül and who was fired by Adnan for blackmailing them. She tells Adnan that Beşir is innocent and that she wants him to work for them again. She hopes that Beşir will help her expose Behlül and Nihal's relationship to Adnan.

Firdevs returns with good news and tries to cheer up Bihter

Firdevs returns from her trip abroad with good news. She tells Bihter that she has met a rich and handsome man who wants to marry her. She also tells Bihter that she should be happy for her and that she should move on with her life. She tries to cheer up Bihter by taking her shopping and inviting her friends over. She also plans a surprise party for Bihter's birthday.

Analysis of Episode 69

How does the episode portray the themes of forbidden love, betrayal, and revenge?

The episode portrays the themes of forbidden love, betrayal, and revenge in a dramatic and realistic way. It shows how Bihter and Behlül's love is doomed by their own actions and by the circumstances around them. It shows how their betrayal affects not only themselves, but also their loved ones and their social status. It shows how their revenge leads to more pain and suffering for everyone involved.

How does the episode develop the characters of Bihter, Behlül, Nihal, and Adnan?

The episode develops the characters of Bihter, Behlül, Nihal, and Adnan in a complex and nuanced way. It shows how Bihter is torn between her love for Behlül and her loyalty to Adnan, how she is driven by her pride and jealousy, how she is desperate for attention and affection. It shows how Behlül is conflicted between his passion for Bihter and his duty to Nihal, how he is haunted by his guilt and remorse, how he is trying to make amends for his mistakes. It shows how Nihal is innocent and naive, how she is unaware of the truth behind Behlül's feelings, how she is hopeful for a happy future with him. It shows how Adnan is oblivious and trusting, how he is devoted to his family and his work, how he is generous and kind.

How does the episode use cinematography, music, and dialogue to create suspense and emotion?

The episode uses cinematography, music, and dialogue to create suspense and emotion in an effective way. It uses close-ups, slow-motion, flashbacks, and zooms to highlight the expressions, gestures, and reactions of the characters. It uses music to set the mood, tone, and atmosphere of the scenes. It uses dialogue to reveal the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of the characters.


Episode 69 of Askı Memnu was a thrilling and emotional episode that prepared the viewers for the finale of the series. It showed how the forbidden love between Bihter and Behlül reached its tragic end, how their betrayal affected their family and friends, how their revenge backfired on them. It also showed how the characters evolved throughout the series, how they faced their dilemmas and consequences, how they expressed their emotions. It also used cinematic techniques to create a captivating and engaging experience for the viewers.


Where can I watch Askı Memnu online?Where can I watch Askı Memnu online?

If you want to watch Askı Memnu online, you have several options. You can watch the series and all the full episodes in English on various online platforms such as [Forbidden Love (Ask i Memnu) Turkish Series in English](^1^). However, the quality of the series may not be the best, and you may encounter some ads or pop-ups. Alternatively, you can watch the series with English subtitles on [Ask I Memnu Forbidden Love (TV Series 2008-2010)](^2^) or [Ask i Memnu (English subs) autoplay by Dianebaustin - Dailymotion](^3^). These sites may offer better quality and fewer interruptions, but you may need to register or pay a fee to access them. Is Askı Memnu based on a novel?

Yes, Askı Memnu is based on a novel of the same name by Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil, a famous Turkish writer. The novel was first published in 1900 and is considered one of the masterpieces of Turkish literature. It is a classic story of love, betrayal, and social class in the late Ottoman era. The novel has been adapted into several films, TV series, and plays over the years, but the 2008-2010 series is the most popular and faithful adaptation.

Who are the actors and actresses in Askı Memnu?

The actors and actresses in Askı Memnu are some of the most talented and famous stars in Turkey and abroad. Here are some of the main cast members and their roles:



Beren Saat

Bihter Yöreoğlu Ziyagil

Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ

Behlül Haznedar

Selçuk Yöntem

Adnan Ziyagil

Hazal Kaya

Nihal Ziyagil

Nebahat Çehre

Firdevs Yöreoğlu

Batuhan Karacakaya

Bülent Ziyagil

Zerrin Tekindor

Cemile Akarsu

Recep Aktuğ

Hilmi Önal

Rana Cabbar

Beşir Atay

How many episodes are there in Askı Memnu?

There are 79 episodes in Askı Memnu, divided into two seasons. The first season consists of 38 episodes, while the second season consists of 41 episodes. Each episode is about 90 minutes long, making the series a total of about 118 hours of viewing time.

Is there a remake or a sequel of Askı Memnu?

There is no official remake or sequel of Askı Memnu, but there are some unofficial versions and spin-offs. For example, there is a Pakistani remake called Ishq-e-Mamnoon, which aired in 2012 and followed the same plot as the original series. There is also a Turkish spin-off called Aşk-ı Memnu: Hayat Gibi, which aired in 2013 and focused on the lives of the secondary characters after the events of the series. There are also some rumors that a new remake or sequel may be in the works, but nothing has been confirmed yet.


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