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Little Red Riding Hood (Fairy Tale Theater Books) !FREE!

Every child knows the story of the little girl in a red hood who crosses the forest to take sweets to grandma. This classic fairy tale likely originated from European fables of the 20th century, being published first in French and then by the Brothers Grimm, its best-known version.

Little Red Riding Hood (Fairy Tale Theater Books)


A comparison with the French "Little Red Riding Hood"also brings to light differentiated sets of proofs. Catherine Velay-Vallantinbelieves that this well-known fairy tale, contrary to other tales by CharlesPerrault (such as "La Barbe bleue," "Peau d'Ane,""Cendrillon"), showed "greater resistance in its originalmotifs" and that the book by Perrault had little influence on oralversions (174). However, things changed at the end of the nineteenth century.According to Martyn Lyons, when Perrault's tales were adopted in readersfor children in elementary schools in France from 1888 onward, the literaryversion of the tale influenced and became an indispensable part of oraltradition (413). And yet the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood"remained unknown in Greek oral tradition, although it was inserted inschoolbooks. As mentioned above, it was used from 1884 onward as suitableteaching material for learning French as a foreign language. Additionally,fairy tales were adapted for spelling books for the first classes of primaryschool. Moreover, teachers in Greece used folktales and fairy tales inaccordance with the ideological pedagogical mechanisms of the time. Taleswere also held to be suitable vehicles for learning the mother tongue. (13)And although fairy tales came through schoolbooks into the mouths of aconsiderable segment of the population, some fairy tales never became part ofthe people's oral repertoire.


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